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Recommend a friend and earn £250

With the gap between house prices and income ever-increasing it's no wonder that so many people are turning to shared ownership as a way to make their home-owning dream a reality. With a number of ways to buy and expert sales advice, Bromford Homes could be the helping hand many of our friends and family need to take that first step onto the property ladder. And you could benefit too.

Did you know that if you recommend a friend and they end up buying a home from us you can pocket a nifty £250*?

And it's really easy to do…

Step one
: Rack your brains for friends or family who are desperate to become homeowners.

Step two:
  Ask them to get in touch with us  on  0800 085 2499 or email us at

Step three:
*Most importantly*Make sure that they mention you recommended them.

Step four:
They find their dream home and live happily ever after. You have an unexpected £250* and live with a warm glow of loveliness that you made someone's dream come true.

So who could you be a dream maker for today?

*This offer is subject to Bromford Homes terms and conditions and to availability.