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The Bromford Homes team responsible for shared ownership bring over 80 years of experience to help you get on the property ladder.

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Michelle Thompson, marketing assistant, has been with the team for over 20 years and also knows all about shared ownership from personal experience as she has been living in her shared ownership home for 18 years. She takes up the story: "My husband and I were in rented accommodation and desperately wanted to buy our own place. Although we were both in full-time employment and trying to save for our first home, we couldn't accumulate a large enough deposit. Working in this team, I realised that shared ownership could be a good option for us.

Michelle Thompson

"It has worked so well from the start. We bought a 50 per cent share and could comfortably afford the legal fees and other expenses with the savings we had. Several years later we were able to buy the remaining share as my husband moved into a management role and I was fortunate to get annual pay increases too. We staircased which means we purchased the remaining share from Bromford and owned the property outright within five years of moving. It was such a quick and easy process and we have been able to stay and raise our family of three in a lovely three-bedroom detached home.

"Now the children are grown up we're looking to sell and we're confident it has been a great investment as we will be selling at a considerably higher value than we originally bought it."

Michelle isn't the only team member to benefit from shared ownership. Dan, of the new homes sales team (pictured second right, front row) was living with his parents at the age of 26 and wanted to move out. He said: "By working in the team and completing applications and shared ownership purchases, it made me start to think about it as an option. I hadn't really thought about the idea of buying a shared ownership property and had considered renting, but didn't believe that it would be a good investment.

"A resale property came on the market, which I saw on the estate agent's website, so I drove to the area to look at it and then arranged a viewing. I completed an affordability assessment and was able to afford a 50 per cent share. From application to moving in was only three months and it was really straightforward. When I moved in, it was strange not to be living in the family home but it was a great feeling to be independent and I felt very proud to have my own home.

"I have been there for nearly eight years now and am saving to move - I am in a two-bedroom apartment but I would like to be in a two-bedroom house. I am planning on making some improvements to the kitchen and bathroom in the near future and then will look to sell. I will definitely consider the shared ownership route again."

09 November 2015