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Vinyl countdown to next bout of decorating…

OUR customers love to paint and paper the walls of their new Bromford homes. Some of you are so keen to make your mark on those bare magnolia walls that you've got the colour cards, paint pots and brushes out almost before you've unpacked the removal boxes.

And that's just the start, according to a new study by Dulux Trade. One in three homeowners break out the colour cards again and redecorate at least once every two years, it seems, and many of you take the DIY option.

If you've painted before, it's probably no big deal. But if you're a first-time buyer it could also be the first time you've ever picked up a paint roller or wallpaper brush.

Moving home checklist 640 x 340 

If that sounds like you, don't worry because there's a wealth of helpful videos and other useful advice − ranging from tools you'll need for the job at hand to pointers on choosing the best paint colours − out there on YouTube and DIY websites.

Bromford Homes Head of Sales Alan Bradley says: "Many homebuyers tell us that they really look forward to decorating their new place in the colours they like. For them, it's an important part of being able to turn a house into a home and, of course, they won't have had this freedom to express themselves if they've rented their previous home from a private landlord.

"The general advice to all new homeowners is to wait a while before cracking open the paint pots. The builder will normally have painted all the walls with emulsion paint. Further coats of emulsion and oil-based paints or wallpaper can be used for later redecoration, once the walls have dried out and this normally takes nine to 12 months. But we understand that some of our customers are so eager to decorate that they decide not to wait."

LarksRise Matt&Clare alt2

The freedom to paint and paper was listed as a key plus point by shared ownership buyers like Clare McLaughlin (pictured above with partner Matt) or Claraine Walker, a Moneymates Team Leader with Bromford − and one of our newest buyers, Deborah Collins, says she can't wait to get to grips with the paint pots.

Her only problems are deciding on a colour scheme − and a guest list. "We only moved in at Aspenwood a short time ago so we're still settling in − and I'm really busy juggling that with work and being a mum," says Deborah, a specialist in diabetes nursing. "My spare time so far is spent choosing paints and getting my house looking lovely so I can invite my friends round for dinner!"

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03 October 2014