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Why it pays to get organised for your Big Move

MOVING home? Well, our Head of Sales, Alan Bradley, encourages you − and all first-time buyers − to look at the bigger picture when it comes to counting costs.

His reminder to homebuyers follows the publication of a new study that suggests three out of four of you underestimate how much you'll end up spending on the Big Move.

It's not the mortgage deposit, the regular monthly payments or even the solicitor's bill that tend to throw out the sums. No, it's unplanned outlays such as breaking contracts with broadband providers at your former address that can push you into the red, according to a quarter of movers quizzed by one of the leading online estate agents.

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Even more people − around a third − say it's the cost of decorating and, in the case of older property, household repairs that pushed them over their budget. Cleaning bills (16%) for former rented homes and even takeaway meals (11%) through the moving period were also cited as major unexpected costs.

It all adds up to unwanted stress at what should be a happy time, says Bromford Homes shared ownership expert Alan, and that's why he advises you to spend time and trouble on your homemoving budget − like these customers working things out on their laptop (below).

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"These findings highlight the need for homemovers to get organised. You've got to look at the bigger picture − and that means thinking about every potential cost when moving home," says Alan.

"According to the survey, one in four households underestimate the cost of moving by £800 or more. That's a lot of extra money to find − and something you certainly don't want to be worrying about at what should be a really happy, exciting time for you and your family.

"If you're buying your home, you'll have to go through a really detailed breakdown of your household spending with the mortgage lender. And, in the case of shared ownership, we work really closely with every buyer to make sure the deposit and total monthly cost is truly affordable.

Joint buyers eat pizza

"The surprises seem to come from other areas that movers may not think about such as getting out of broadband contracts and the cost of pizzas (above) and other takeaway meals while you're packing up and unpacking.

"It pays, of course, to shop around for the best-value solicitor and removal firm − and my advice is to make sure that you have a contingency fund just in case."

For useful tips and guidelines about moving and the overall cost of buying home, try the Money Advice Service, a free and unbiased source of information set up by the government.

01 October 2014