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Five steps to becoming a BBQ master

With blazing hot sun and not a cloud in the sky, summer is well and truly upon us, and so as a nation we can officially declare BBQ season has begun.

We Brits already have a reputation for being the Kings and Queens of charcoal, beating off our European counterparts by rustling up a whopping 120 million barbecues a year.

On average, grill staticians have worked out we host about nine BBQs each per year and two in three households now own a BBQ grill!

Of course, with every Bromford Home coming fully turfed when you move in, you've got no reason not to get the invites out, stock up your food and cross your spatulas in the hope the British weather holds.

To give you a helping hand getting your BBQ all fired up, we've pulled some top tips. Feel free to share your own with us on Facebook and Twitter


1.Get the BBQ prepared 

Baste Grill

It might sound strange but before your burgers touch the grill, you'll need to do some preparation of your BBQ.

First off, bring it up to the highest temperature for one hour to 'cure' any imperfections in BBQ. Then, as it cools down (but is still warm), rub some cooking oil around the inside to seal the deal. 


2.Get the garden ready

It's all well and good being the master of the meat, but if you haven't got your venue ready your party will flop. To be a good host, you'll need to ensure you've got everything covered, including the seats. 

For a quick seating area, throw out some rugs, or why not invest in some garden beanbags (which can be used indoors too). Also remember your drinks area - make it easy for people to serve themselves so you can concentrate on what's cooking. 

You can also put tealights in an old jar, or something like an IKEA Burken, to create great mood lighting around the garden. 


3. It aint a party without the drinks


To keep your drinks cool, why not use water balloons in a vase? Sounds crazy but it works! Or alternatively...

  1. Fill a bucket with ice.
  2. Fil the bucket with cold water to cover the ice.
  3. Add two handfuls of salt.
  4. Leave your drinks in the bucket for 20 minutes and voila, quick chilled drinks. 

The BBC have some fantastic drinks you can pull together for your summer soiree, like a Michelada (a mexican beer cocktail) or homemade elderflower cordial. 


4. Time to get the meat on the Barbie


There are so many good recipies out there, we couldn't list them all, but a great place to start your BBQ pilgrimage is with DJ BBQ. Christian Stevenson holds legendary status on the grill circuit (yes there is such a thing) and his Youtube Channel holds a host of culinary delights. 

Whenever you're cooking on a BBQ, don't forget basic tips like basting to keep moisture in, or marinating meat overnight in a sealed sandwich bag (or something similar). Country Living magazine have 10 tips for getting the best from your meat.

Finally, leave the meat alone! If you keep turning, twisting and prodding your meat, it'll never cook properly. Wait for the meat to sear with clear grill lines, then give it a flip. 


5. It's not all about the meat

There's so much more you can cook on a BBQ than meat, so let your imagination run wild. 

For example, you can actually cook traditional Italian pizza right on the grill and it's REALLY SIMPLE!

And as for vegetables, Buzzfeed have pulled together this great list of 36 things to grill other than a burger. 




26 June 2014