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Valentine’s date to fall in love with Bromford home

CAN you feel the love? Make a Valentine's date with us and we promise that you will.

We're throwing ourselves into the Valentine's Day spirit with a special onsite welcome that will give homebuyers an even better chance to fall in love with a new Bromford home.

Heart-shaped balloons and heart-shaped chocolates will set the scene at four onsite sales and marketing centres on February 10 − all in the Valentine's spirit.

Bromford Homes Sales and Marketing Director Bev Hall describes it as a fun opportunity for homebuyers at Fortuna in Cirencester, Oakdale in Lydney, Priorsleap in Telford and St Mark's View in Cheltenham to find out more about our homes and why it's so easy to fall in love with them.

"Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make and that's why it's so important to do all the sensible things like making sure the quality and the price are right and that you've got all the relevant guarantees," says Bev.

"We know that Bromford ticks all of those boxes in style. In fact, we think you can't buy better than a Bromford home − and we've got lots of customers who agree.

"But we also understand that, for most people, they are making an emotional investment as well as a financial one. For them, househunting is also about finding the home of your dreams; they want to fall in love with it.

"We thought entering into the Valentine's spirit was a good way of letting people do exactly that. They can see the showhomed and I'm sure many of them will be smitten with what they see. Who knows? It could be the start of a few more love stories like these..."

Five reasons why I love my Bromford home

Priorsleap partEx couple 960x400

1 Helen Preston, who bought a four-bed house at Priorsleap, Telford, with husband Chris, loves Bromford's part-exchange incentive scheme. "We had a two-bed house to sell and with the market being like it is we thought selling might be a problem. But we didn't have to worry because the part-exchange deal made all the difference," explains Helen. "Bromford have been absolutely brilliant every step of the way."

2 Paul Taylor loves our HelpUmove incentive. He and wife Lucy are trading up from their current three-bedroom home in Stourbridge and moving into one of our four-bed detached homes at Penny Meadow, Kidderminster. 
Paul said: "HelpUmove means we can reserve the home of our choice before we've sold our existing home and speeds up our selling process. What Bromford Homes are offering to do − help us achieve a sale within eight weeks − will save us so much hassle. In fact, our home really really quickly and we're looking forward to moving in at Penny Meadow."

Oakdale Rachel Reeves 1.1
3 Rachel Reeves loves investing in her community as well as her family's smart new Bromford shared ownership home at Oakdale, Lydney. "I really believe in a strong sense of community," says this busy mum, who set up a website httpth:// featuring lots of useful news, views and other community content. "The neighbours seem to like it and I'm pleased about that but it's only part of the story − and it's not just me that's making a difference. The children and mums each other out in lots of ways such as doing the shopping or keeping an eye on pets."

Farthings Friend
4 First-time buyers Ellie Buttery and partner Jim love HomeBuy shared ownership. "Saving enough money for a deposit was especially difficult. It would have taken us years to raise enough for a traditional purchase," says Ellie, above right, who's on maternity leave at her new Farthings home in Ketley, Telford, with ten-month-old daughter Ivy. "Shared ownership means we had to come up with a much smaller deposit, have a more affordable mortgage and live in lovely new three-bed home we can call our own. We also like the prospect of being able to staircase − increase the share that we own − as time goes by."

Osborns case study
5 Sharon and Richard Osborn, of East Park, Wolverhampton, also love HomeBuy shared ownership."We heard about shared ownership but didn't think we would be eligible. We were so pleased when we were told that we could qualify − and that we could get one of these beautiful bungalows here at East Park, Wolverhampton," says Sharon. "We've ended up getting a better home than we dreamed of and we've got it for around half the price − plus our monthly low rent, of course. HomeBuy shared ownership is a great way of getting on to the property ladder."

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01 February 2013