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  1. Thursday 11 September, 2014

    Family photos and gadgets top must-save list

    IMAGINE you've got to leave your home in a hurry. Assuming that your loved ones − and that includes your pets, of course − are safe, what would be the first thing that you try to save?

  2. Monday 08 September, 2014

    Last one left at Moulton after weekend sales surge

    FIRST-TIME buyers snapped up four of the five remaining shared ownership homes at Countess Manor, Moulton, near Northampton, over the weekend.

  3. Friday 05 September, 2014

    Men vs women in homebuyer must-haves

    BUYING your first home certainly stirs up the emotions. We know that because YOU tell us as much and the climax is that special day when we hand over the keys to a new Bromford house or apartment.

  4. Tuesday 02 September, 2014

    Parents voice fears about priced-out NextGen

    ALARMING new statistics reveal that more than two-thirds of parents fear their sons and daughters won't be able to buy a home of their own without cash support from their families.

  5. Thursday 28 August, 2014

    Friendly solution for 1st-time buyer singletons

    YOUNG, free and single. Want to buy a home of your own but can't afford it?

  6. Tuesday 26 August, 2014

    Last 3 homes up for grabs at Colliers Green

    DON'T delay or you could miss out on one of the last few chances to get on the Warwickshire property ladder at commuter-friendly Colliers Green.

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